Testimonial 5

When our teenage daughter feels sick, she asks to go on the mat. It’s amazing to me that the mat has become such an integral part of our lives and that she, as a child with today’s social media savvy, turns to and embraces this alternative healing method. It makes me think of her future growing up and understanding the significance of being open to new ways of thinking about her health. I can see her always having the mat, in not only her own life, but also her future family’s life! A.C. NY, NY

Testimonial 4

I had pain and swelling in my jaw with no time to see a doctor. After 45 minutes with the mat, pad and probe, the hard, golf ball-sized lump under my jaw was reduced in size and soft to the touch. All pain was gone within a day and has not returned. The PEMF mat saved me a trip to the doctors and I didn’t have to take antibiotics!! A.C., NY, NY

Testimonial 3

As I approach my 50th birthday , I wake some mornings with arthritic pain in my fingers. After eight minutes of my morning mat session, I find that my hands are back to normal and I feel relieved that I’m not getting too old yet! A.C. NY, NY

Testimonial 2

As a working mother and Vice President of a leading NYC fashion design company, my high pressure job has me constantly running between offices and leading stress-induced meetings, while juggling a myriad of duties at home. Using the MyPEMF mat twice a day, I enjoy my first eight minutes in the morning, while my daughters are eating breakfast. The mat sets me up for the day with energy and a renewed sense of overall well-being. At night, after dinner is made, homework is completed, and the kids are asleep, I take time before bed to once again capture my eight minutes on the mat to de-stress, relax and unwind. I really feel my body telling itself it’s time for sleep, which is blissful. The mat has become a daily ritual and I feel off kilter if I miss a single day or night!  A.C. NY, NY

Testimonial 1

I can honestly say that the mat from MyPEMF has changed the quality of life for myself and for my family. I consider us very blessed to own a mat for the past  three years and have seen innumerable small healing miracles, including reducing the swelling in a twisted ankle, alleviating teenage migraines, dispelling infection from dental distress, reducing cold and virus duration, and eliminating arthritis pain. My family continually reaps the rewards. A.C. NY, NY