Our PEMF systems include the following key features:

  • MyPEMF systems are designed, engineered and manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS) – the world leader in the engineering and sales of PEMF technology – and have been on the market for more than 20 years, with an estimated 500,000 users in 35 countries.
  • earthEarth based frequencies (.5-25 Hz) and intensities from picoTesla for the most sensitive user up to 300 microTesla for well-trained athletes, with a pulsating delivery mechanism.
  • SawtoothTriple Sawtooth waveform on the whole body mat. This waveform has been FDA approved in the United Statessince 1979 for the treatment of non-union fractures and to aid in spinal fusion operations. Research has shown that the sawtooth carrier waveform provides the best magnetic resonance stimulation of all the waveforms. The sharp rise time and fall time produce the maximum impulse or stimulation to the cells, recharging them in the most powerful way.
  • NASAinspired square wave signals on the pad and probe applicators which has been proven to be the Squarewavemost effective for healing and regeneration.
  • Switching polarities every two minutes on the body mat resulting in bothpositive and negative peaks or cycles (called a bipolar wave) to prevent cellular fatigue.
  • A Biorhythm Clock (the only magnetic pulse therapy device on the market with this feature), giving the user energizing frequencies in the morning and relaxing frequencies at night; and pre-programmed frequencies that Light_soundvary based on the time of day to recognize circadian rhythms and balance cellular resonance for all the organs and body systems simultaneously.
  • A light and sound application that is synchronized to the mat (the only pulsed electromagnetic therapy device on the market to offer this feature), which provides bilateral brain stimulation and audiovisual brainwave entrainment used in support of sleep disturbance, oxygen circulation to the brain, and emotional balance.
  • Eight_minA biofeedback feature, which controls intensities in real time, automatically giving the body the intensities that it needs; and evaluates and trains heart rate variability (a reliable predictor of overall healthand longevity.  Improving heart rate variability means a greater ability to handle stress, and lower one’s risk of heart disease).
  • Eight-minute cycle – all of the approximately 75 trillion cells in the body receive a full PEMF session in eight minutes.
  • WallplugWall Plug that converts AC to DC at the wall, thus minimizing electrosmog exposure.
  • An iGuide for practitioners consisting of a database with almost 3,500 pre-programmed sequences for all applicators and all organ clock options.
  • FDA regulated and registered as safe for home and professional use.FDA
  • This technology has been the subject of more than 6,500 peer reviewed articles and more than 300 clinical trials.
  • A three-year unconditional warranty.
  • Shipping – Free to the U.S. and Canada.


The iMRS (intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) is the most advanced PEMF system on the market. Inside the iMRS mat, pad and probe are copper coils, which emit varying frequencies as dictated by the control unit.

The mat has increasing intensities from head to toe with the copper coils located in three sections, which fold easily for travel and storage. The mat and the pad have a brushed rubber finish that makes them durable and water resistant.

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This recently launched product connects the iMRS mat and other applications to a tablet. The tablet, or “Omnium1”, is based on the Android platform and can be used as a regular tablet without any restrictions. In contrast to a regular market-based tablet, the Omnium1 not only contains a specific high performance battery (14,8V, 9000mA/h), but also is the world`s first tablet equipped with two serial ports (specific 20-pin connector). These accesses allow connectivity and control of a wide range of health, wellness and fitness related hard- and software applications. Ultimately, daily routines like blood pressure evaluation, blood glucose measuring, electrocardiogram (ECG`s), electroencephalogram (EEG`s), heart rate variability, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), and brain wave entrainment will be performed, evaluated and monitored with the Omnium/iMRS control unit. Thus far, PEMF is the only wellness application currently available and others are expected to follow over the next year.

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PEMF technology is the perfect complement in medical, alternative health and wellness, and home environments for a myriad of purposes, from overall health maintenance, anti-aging and stress relief, to addressing acute and chronic conditions. This painless, non-invasive, and simple to use technology fits comfortably on a practitioner’s table, folds up for easy storage, and is durable with a washable surface.

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Home Users

The Omnium1 technology is fast, painless, non-invasive, simple to use, folds up for easy storage, and the mats are durable with a washable surface.

For those in the New York City Metro area, which includes Northern New Jersey, Westchester County and Southern Connecticut, we encourage you to schedule a demonstration. Also, please follow this website for group informational sessions and promotional events.

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