I can honestly say that the mat from MyPEMF has changed the quality of life for myself and for my family. I consider us very blessed to own a mat for the past  three years and have seen innumerable small healing miracles, including reducing the swelling in a twisted ankle, alleviating teenage migraines, dispelling infection from dental distress, reducing cold and virus duration, and eliminating arthritis pain. My family continually reaps the rewards. A.C. NY, NY

As a working mother and Vice President of a leading NYC fashion design company, my high pressure job has me constantly running between offices and leading stress-induced meetings, while juggling a myriad of duties at home. Using the MyPEMF mat twice a day, I enjoy my first eight minutes in the morning, while my daughters are eating breakfast. The mat sets me up for the day with energy and a renewed sense of overall well-being. At night, after dinner is made, homework is completed, and the kids are asleep, I take time before bed to once again capture my eight minutes on the mat to de-stress, relax and unwind. I really feel my body telling itself it’s time for sleep, which is blissful. The mat has become a daily ritual and I feel off kilter if I miss a single day or night!  

As I approach my 50th birthday , I wake some mornings with arthritic pain in my fingers. After eight minutes of my morning mat session, I find that my hands are back to normal and I feel relieved that I’m not getting too old yet! A.C. NY, NY

I had pain and swelling in my jaw with no time to see a doctor. After 45 minutes with the mat, pad and probe, the hard, golf ball-sized lump under my jaw was reduced in size and soft to the touch. All pain was gone within a day and has not returned. The PEMF mat saved me a trip to the doctors and I didn’t have to take antibiotics!! A.C., NY, NY

When our teenage daughter feels sick, she asks to go on the mat. It’s amazing to me that the mat has become such an integral part of our lives and that she, as a child with today’s social media savvy, turns to and embraces this alternative healing method. It makes me think of her future growing up and understanding the significance of being open to new ways of thinking about her health. I can see her always having the mat, in not only her own life, but also her future family’s life! A.C. NY, NY

It’s been five and a half weeks since my open-heart surgery and I am well ahead of schedule with my recovery.   I was taking 2-mile walks at four weeks, and these are now stretching into 2.5 miles. I’m going out to work meetings, doing household and garden chores, visiting with friends – nearly back to my normal life. While a number of factors have probably contributed to my strong recovery, I’m sure that my regular use of the iMRS has been the main reason. I think it has created the conditions – proliferation of healthy cells, balanced energy, etc. – that have enhance the effects of the other supports such as supplements, healthy eating, light exercise, etc. The iMRS infuses my body with warmth and makes me feel ultra-relaxed… it sort of feels like my body is humming.  C.B. Guilford, CT

The mat, combined with Jin Shin Jyutsu gives me more pain relief than any other method. D.W. Guilford, CT

I am a lumberjack and had such shoulder pain that I could not lift my arms at all. I initially went to a chiropractor and iced regularly, but the pain did not stop until I started using the PEMF mat, pad and probe. After 4-5 months of using the mat, pad and probe once a week at a practitioner’s office combined with Jin Shin Jyutsu, most of my shoulder pain is completely gone. D.Z. Branford, CT

I have been a deep-tissue massage therapist for several years and over-used my thumbs. My right thumb in particular was giving out in the middle of massages. In addition to the pain and no strength, my thumb would not bend anymore.  I was nervous because it was getting to the point of considering whether to give up my career. After one visit with a practitioner, who applied the PEMF mat, pad and then probe to my thumb, I never again had any pain and had my full strength back. That was two years ago and I am still doing massages like I never had a problem. I continue to refer people to my PEMF practitioner and they share the same experience.  S.B. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Before using the mat, I didn’t even know that I needed it! I had become accustomed to the high intensity vibe that ran through my body. It had become normal to me. I tried the mat because my practitioner suggested that there was another way to feel… that once I’d had some time using the mat, my vibration would recalibrate to what was my real baseline. I had no idea what to expect because I had no frame of reference. She was right! The results are amazing! I now know what it is to be truly centered and relaxed!  D.R. Guilford, CT

I primarily used exercise and meditation to deal with stress and promote wellness. Both helped, but the mat puts me in a completely different place in terms of my mind and body. The mat puts me into a complete state of relaxation. I use the light goggles and the headphones as well and am able to reach a much deeper level of meditation when I’m on the mat. D.R. Guilford, CT

I like several things about using the mat. First, having it makes me take the time to take care of myself. I know that if I have time scheduled to use the mat, I’ll take it. It probably seems silly that it’s hard to find 8-16 minutes otherwise in my day, but between work and family, life just seems to take over. Second, the short time that I spend on the mat is concentrated. The relaxation and centering that I get from just 8 minutes using the mat is not replicable in any other way. Other things (like exercise and meditation) help but they take a lot more time for results and don’t leave my mind and body feeling centered in the way that using the mat does. Third, the effects of the mat are lasting. I feel centered for several days after just one session of using the mat. D.R. Guilford, CT

My husband and I used the mat for our German Shepherd who has developed arthritis in his spine, which caused pain and decreased functioning in his back legs. After using the iMRS, our dog appeared calm, happier, had improved mobility and was more able to support himself with his back legs. What we like most about the iMRS is that we can use it in our home, and it brings effective relief of symptoms. K.L. Guilford, CT

I have had peripheral neuropathy in my feet, ankles and hands for years, during which time I lived with the frustration of working with my health plan and doctors on treatments, which offered no quality or sustained relief, or seemed too extreme (treatments included prescription medications, over the counter medications, braces, cortisone injection ,and creams). After using the iMRS mat, pad and probe, I would feel an odd sense of “release” from the areas that were in pain. The pain actually goes away and the relieved areas come alive. It is a truly noticeable sensation, as I have lived with the pain long enough to know the significant relief the moment it arrives. Before the iMRS, walking was painful and limiting, but after using the iMRS, I literally have a bounce in my step and that sense of mental relief elevates my day. After 20 years of pain and frustration with general medicine, doctors and insurance companies, my satisfaction with iMRS and its honest effectiveness gets my highest recommendation. M.G. Madison, CT