omnium1_04MyPEMF products from Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS) resonate with the nearly 75 trillion cells in the human body in as little aseight minutes.  Painless and non-invasive, these devices are used in support of acute and chronic conditions such as pain and inflammation, injuries and illness, low energy, sleeplessness, and overall signs of aging and stress.

This technology has been the subject of more than than 6,500 peer reviewed articles and more than 300 clinical trials and is registered with the FDA.  Although used by NASA in spacesuits and spacecraft for decades, this technology can now be used anywhere – at home, by a practitioner in the complementary and alternative medical fields, or at a wellness center or spa.


How these products work is as simple as immersing one’s feet in the sand, as they improve one’s overall condition by using effortless and straightforward technology to emit the low-level pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) of the Earth.  MyPEMF understands that the best frequencies for the health, wellness and longevity of the human body are extremely low frequencies that fall within the biological window – those of the Earth itself.   An SBS mat and other applicators deliver these extremely low PEMF’s to the entire body in minutes, while the effects can last for hours.

Try the mat and feel the pulse of PEMF.